Interview met Akash Kumar

Hello my name is Akash Kumar, I am 15 years old. I am studying in class 9th, and my sister is studying in class 10th.  We’re with 7 members in my home. After my mother died, my father put me and my elder sister in Hope Home because there wasn’t anyone wo could take care of us. And my older brother already studied at Hope Academy School. My father got married again and he had two more children, they are too small now. My father works in a shop, and my step mother is a house wife.

What was your living condition in slum area? Earlier our life wasn’t very good in the slum area because there wasn’t good education and the place was very dirty. Also we had trouble of eating and drinking so after joining with hope home my family condition is better and my relationship with my family is also good.

When did you came into contact with hope school and did you like it? I was contacted with Hope Home by the help of Iris ma’am and I liked it a lot. After my sister and I were shifted to the Hope Home, both of us were very happy because we were getting all the facilities with good education. Our family was also very happy to see us in a safe place.

What is your school result at the moment and are you satisfied from it? My school result at the moment is better but I’m not satisfied because I need more improvement in my study.

Is there any bullying, pawing regarding ME TOO situation in hope home or in your own home? No, it hasn’t happened and won’t happen any time in hope home or in our own home because we are getting full safety.

How was your life in slum during corona months if there are still pain points regarding the corona time such as fear, panic, uncertainly would you like to talk to an expert about it? It was so bad days during corona period, because of the lockdown people were unable to go out for earning or in other situation. During that time Hope Home helped us by providing food and daily needs.

What is your plan for your future? I want to become an soldier and keep my family happy and want to fulfill all their wishes.