Interview met Preeti

Hello my name is Preeti and I am studying in class 10th and I am 16 years old. My father and my mother lives separately, I am staying with my father, and my two elder brothers are staying with my mother. My father is a daily labor. 

What were your living conditions and how was the family relationship? Earlier my living condition wasn’t good at all because I used to study in another hostel before Hope Homein the other Hostel I was used to work there instead of teaching. 

So, then my father talked to Sanjeev sir an old staff and he took permission from Lawrence sir and got me out of that hostel and shifted me to Hope Home. I know that there was a lot of trouble in my shift because the manager of the old hostel didn’t want me to leave from there. So, uncle Joe told him that if he didn’t let me go form the hostel, he would call the police. After the police came, he let me leave the hostel, which I was very happy with. At that time I felt like I had got my freedom. Now my family relationship is also good.

What is your school result at the moment and are you satisfied from it? My school result is fine and I am happy with my result because I work as hard as I can. 

How was your life during corona months if there are still pain points regarding the corona time such as fear, panic, uncertainly would you like to talk to an expert about it? My life wasn’t very good during the corona period because my father didn’t have a place to keep me, so my father took me to my aunt’s house where papa used to work. I didn’t like it at all because there wasn’t one like my father who took care of me and love me. There wasn’t a problem for food because Hope Home had provided us food and dry ration. 

What is your plan for your future? Well, I haven’t yet thought what to become, but whatever I will become I will take care of my father and fulfill his all needs.